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Quick Ideas to Give Your Home a Facelift

No matter how well a home is decorated, it is but natural that we need a change from time to time. A quick fix that can take our attention away from the same old decor, without having to make any major changes to the interior design is what most of us are looking for.

A great way to decorate the home is by creatively using flowers . This does not need to be confined to a boring old bouquet stuck in a jar! Oh no! There is so much more to it now with the help of a variety of flower arrangements and types. Long lasting plants and flowers, or even artificial flowers or plants can add a new dimension to a space. Paper flowers can be charming, artistic and appeal to those who aren’t big fans of plastic flowers.

Décor change

Changing your decor can be another way to lift up an old or tired looking room. Simply changing the textiles can make a huge amount of difference to the way a space looks and feels. A ridiculously small change like changing the colour of your curtains can make or break the entire room. So it is worth considering!

Another important element in creating ambience is of course lighting. How a room is lit can be a major factor in the mood it creates. Playing around with the sources of light, light fixtures etc. can help you create a new mood in your existing space.

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Interior Design

Many new home buyers make the mistake of confusing interior design with interior decoration, but these two disciplines are worlds apart. While it is true that design did naturally evolve from decoration, the technical know-how and skill set required for a designer are far more complex and complicated when compared to simple decoration. For instance, a designer must not only have an impeccable sense of style like a decorator, but he must also have an intimate understanding of architecture as well. Not to mention a degree.

For these reasons, interior designers receive highly competitive salaries that start at around twenty-five thousand pounds with an average salary of about thirty-five thousand pounds. As you might expect, designers rely on experience and reputation and they are often only as good as their last project.

Popular modes of design

The two most popular kinds of interior design are residential and commercial. Residential design often focuses on bathrooms or kitchens or rooms that are frequently renovated. But simple decoration that includes new drapes or panel blinds for patio doors are a few examples of any number of improvements that is also an integral part of interior design.

Workspace design

Commercial interior designers, on the other hand, often focus on office or workspace design, retail design or furniture design. Part of the appeal of this profession is that it offers qualified professionals a multitude of career options. A designer can work in large and growing fields like residential designer, or he can choose to specialize in something like hospitality or healthcare design.

And since many interior designers are also registered architects, they can pull double duty as both the architect and the designer. Though the average designer does work for a company, freelance designers who work on contract jobs are also quite popular and earn comparable salaries.

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